Jetpack Joyride is 007 Strapped to a Rocket


Halfbrick, developers of Fruit Ninja, have struck gold again. This time with a James Bond-esque jetsetter who breaks into a laboratory to get his hands on experimental jetpacks before the science evildoers take over the world. The game, Jetpack Joyride. If conquered, Money Penny will be impressed.

While the game is extremely simple in game mechanics, maneuvering Steakfries, Barry Steakfries through the laboratory is quite the challenge and adventure. This combination makes the game fun and addictive.

It always amazes me the amount of entertainment developers offer for a mere $.99. Of course, there is a mountain of failed attempts to create something great, but Jetpack Joyride is far from the pile. In fact, with about 9,000 five star reviews in the App Store, I’d say it’s a bonafide hit already.

The player controls are very intuitive and a tutorial is extremely unnecessary as tapping the screen makes Steakfries go up and letting go makes Steakfries go down. However, the obstacles he has to avoid such as flaming and rotating fireballs are what make this game a must play.

When the game first starts the pace is a bit slow, which allows time for getting used to the ascending and descending of the player. Rest assured that as the game progresses so does the pace and with a faster pace, missing those flaming fireballs, lasers and oncoming bullets becomes even more difficult.

Along the way he can collect coins and tokens to spin the slot machine for more cash and prizes. What does Steakfries need cash for in Jetpack Joyride? Flashy jetpacks, dapper outfits and bonus items of course. Also, he can unlock different fighter suits (Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird, Crazy Freaking Teleporter, etc.) throughout the game. They are hard to control at first, but take little to no time to get the hang of flying. For instance, the teleporter bobs up and down and one tap of the screen teleports Steakfries from the top to bottom and bottom to top. The teleport function is easy, but timing it to not hit obstacles is not. However, fear not, since the suits are like armor and if an object is hit, he continues to live.

Besides, the legendary Machine Gun Jetpack you start off with is just not as cool as the Laser Jetpack, Rainbow Jetpack or, of course, the Fruit Jetpack. But it will take quite some time to earn enough coinage to afford the $20,000 price tag of the elusive Fruit Jetpack.

Jetpack Joyride is a rare gem in that it is simple yet challenging, which provides for an abundance of intense 007 secret opp flying through a top secret laboratory. It is the ultimate action spy game.